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Katy Krassner and Simon Le Bon together for a radio show on duranduran.com

Luana Salvatore

DiLuana Salvatore

Apr 22, 2020
Foto: duranduran.com

Duran Duran have shown recently their personal closeness to their fans, who follow them from all over the world, communicating through their official channels and social media. A gesture that was very much appreciated by the fans, and that has also given a note of warmth to these dark days at home. Music is a strong antistress and it helps to overcome the difficult moment that we are all experiencing from a human, work and social point of view . Also, the bass player of the band, John Taylor, was hit by the coronavirus and has communicated it in a heartfelt message to his fans (we have talked about it here – it’s written in italian), that was a shock for everyone.

Music, like any other form of Art, is being affected in a particular way by the coronavirus and we do not yet know well when we will be able to return to our so-called “everyday” life, but above all we do not know when we will be able to return to attend concerts and live events. Despite this big question mark, Duran Duran have chosen to communicate with their fans through their official Twitter account, organizing a Tweet chat every Friday for four weeks with every single member of the band, answering questions from Twitter users and aficionados (we talked about it here – it’s written in italian) and the surpirses don’t stop there.

A source very close to Duran Duran spoke to us of a project involving Simon Le Bon, singer of the band who will hold with Katy Krassner – social media manager and assistant of Duran Duran well known in the duranies world – a radio show together, starting on Friday (April 24th, Editor’s note). “It won’t be a playlist of Duran Duran’s songs, not at least the first episode, but a playlist curated by Simon himself and he and Katy Krassner will discuss these songs live,” says our source. He also tells us not to regret that Duran Duran’s songs won’t be broadcast, because it will be a very pleasant and fun radio show. And we are all very curious to hear what they will have to tell!

The appointment is for Friday, April 24, for the launch of the official Duran Duran radio on their website www.duranduran.com (beware of other links and unofficial sites, Duran Duran Radio will only be broadcasted on the site duranduran.com), timetable and details will be published shortly in this space.

Luana Salvatore

Luana Salvatore

Luana Salvatore

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